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Over 300 Square Feet Of 100 Year Old Stone Flush Cut In Just Two Days!

Project Location: 531 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64106
Project Type: Commercial
Project Task: Flush cut 100 year old stone wall in 4 locations while preserving the structural integrity of the wall.
Project Date: January 30-31, 2017

Project Details: On this commercial wire sawing job there was a 100 year old stone wall that had rectangular protrusions at four locations. The General Contractor needed these to be flush cut in order to make way for pouring a new concrete wall up against the existing stone wall.

There were mainly two critical needs for our customer and the first was that the tasks needed to be accomplished very quickly in order to keep the project on schedule. The second need was that it was imperative that our cutting operation did not cause any collateral damage to the existing stone wall.

Our choice of machinery was 2 each Pentruder High Cycle 480 Volt - 30 horsepower wire saws threaded with 1/2' diameter diamond wire. Typically, wire sawing is used when nothing else will work as it can handle just about any complex or unusual cutting task. On this project the wire saws proved invaluable in rapidly flush cutting the four locations with no damage to the mortar joints and remaining stones.

Our tasks on this project included the following:

  • Diamond Wire Sawing
  • Flat Sawing / Hand Sawing

As depicted in the video and photos below you can see that our team members did a fabulous job on this project. In less than two days, everything was accomplished safely and professionally. We pride ourselves in offering intelligent and affordable solutions for our valued General Contractors and we always strive to deliver all tasks on-time and on-budget. If you are in need of concrete cutting, concrete coring, concrete demolition, GPR scanning, or concrete installation just give us a call at 913-681-9050 to discuss your needs. If you prefer send an email to or submit a request form online by visiting

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