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Project Location: Atchison, Kansas
Project Type: Commercial
Project Task: Track-mounted wall sawing, technical demolition, debris handling and removal.
Project Date: October, 2016

Project Details: On this project at Benedictine College we were brought in to remove several wing walls to make way for extensive renovations. While safety and productivity were critical issues it was also a high priority to make precise cuts and remove the concrete without causing any collateral damage.

We used remote control track mounted wall saws to do all of the cutting as this satisfied the needs of our customer. For the technical demolition we used our BROKK 100 remote control demolition robot. Using our in-house fabrication shop we built a custom platform that allowed us to mount the BROKK 100 and then safely lift it into position using a telehandler.

On different occasions we observed the students gathering outside to watch the demo robot in action as they were fascinated to see this technology being used at their campus.

Our tasks on this project included the following:

  • Track mounted wall sawing
  • Technical demolition
  • Debris handling
  • Debris removal

As demonstrated in the video and photos below you can see that our team did a spectacular job on this project. In just a few days, everything was accomplished safely and professionally. We pride ourselves in offering intelligent and affordable solutions for our valued General Conctractors and we always strive to deliver all tasks on-time and on-budget. If you have any technical project that requires advanced technological solutions just give us a call at 913-681-9050 to discuss your needs. If you prefer send an email to or submit a request form online by visiting

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